Fox Valley Hematology And Oncology Appleton

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Fox Valley Hematology And Oncology Appleton

Hematology and Fox Valley SC-Appleton Oncology

Appleton, Wisconsin 54913
This is the experience of patients who can be your consideration for choosing a place.
On ordinary days, pull the lab from the patient with an appointment that day and maintain a clean and tidy work area. I love working with all patients. The fun part is getting to know them and the hardest part of the job is the patient who died.

The best part of my job is the people I work for. It is beneficial to make a difference in the life of the patient. The company has undergone some management changes and is a bit unstable. Constant change. Be prepared to work long hours and weekends/holidays. Compensation is comparable to other positions, but you get paid for the weekend too. A lot of turnover in the last few years is always concerned.

The patient’s experience is unlike any other. Very challenging and useful in terms of types of work. Like all workplaces, you have difficulty with management. The hardest part of the job is the loss of patients and the most beneficial part is developing relationships with patients and their families.

Met with very nice people but very sick.

Learning that affection to others is greatly appreciated.

The hardest part is losing friends as they continue.

The most fun is the sincerity of nurses and doctors and can entertain those who have lost hope.

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